Mortgage Loan – Leaning on the house

Bet you never thought that your home will help out in a financial crisis some day. A mortgage loan is something that could be availed of at the shortest of notice. This is also called an equity home loan. Problems in life happen, they are not engineered and they never come with a fore warning – they just happen! They also have a knack of happening when you can least afford it.

country-houseSo when the cards are down and the resources are low you cannot find a friend who will lend you that helping hand you need not worry, if you have equity in your home that is, and if you do, you need not lean on any one else but your home equity. Confused? You do not know abut home equity, or you don’t understand how you can take a loan keeping your home as collateral, or security as it is commonly called, in technical parlance, if you have already taken a loan for the home and have not paid up in full for it as yet.

Let me venture to explain. Your equity in your home is your share of the property; yes, the more of the mortgage you pay up, the more home equity you have. Let us say the total cost of the home is $100,000 and in order to get the mortgage you had to put down a certain percentage of the cost of the home loan; if the percentage was 20 percent, then your share, or equity in the home from the very beginning was 20 percent and keeps growing as you repay the loan. Now, if you have repaid 50 percent of the loan, you have about 70 percent equity in the home. This equity amounts to about 70,000 dollars. Any financial institution will be glad to loan you 85 percent of this equity. The loan you get by keeping your property as guarantee is called a mortgage loan.

A mortgage loan is very easy and fast to get and at very low interest rates because the collateral being put up for the mortgage loan is substantial enough to guarantee the return of the mortgage loan amount. After all you are not going to run away with your property, can you? This is also the best kind of loan to avail of when you have bad credit history.