Getting Started

1st Rate Mortgage wants to immediately approve you for a mortgage.

In order to do so, please have the following information available during your application. We understand that you may not need or have all of the information listed below, however, the more information you have, the faster we can process the application.

  • W-2’s, 1040’s (past two years), and current MONTH’s pay stubs.
  • Last 12 month’s mortgage history or last 12 month’s rental history.
  • Copy of Drivers License or other Photo I.D.
  • Employment address (2 year history)
  • Contract of sale and legal description.
  • Latest 2 months bank statements (all account including 401k & IRA’s)
  • Self Employed – last two years tax returns with all schedules and YTD P & L.
  • Social Security numbers
  • FHA/VA Applications – Copy of Drivers License or other Photo I.D., VA Certificate of eligibility or DD214.
  • Condo – need H.O.A Form, Budget, Insurance, and P.O.S.