Still have some concerns? It’s part of the 1st Rate promise to you that we address them.

I’m looking for rates.

And we’ll give them to you, but there are some things to know first. Rate shopping can be misleading and counterproductive. If you’ve been surfing the Internet searching for the cheapest mortgage or home equity loan rates, then you’ve probably noticed that it seems like everybody is promising the lowest rate.

It’s important to understand that an interest rate is the result of an equation. After plugging in credit, property, income, loan type, term of the loan and loan amount all lenders produce a rate. You’ll be very disappointed if you shop for a loan by calling every lender you can find and asking, “What’s your rate?”

This would be exactly like calling an auto dealership and asking, “How much is a car?” You will always hear the lowest price they offer, without regard to the make or model. Mortgages work the same way. Any mortgage consultant in the country can say they’ll give you a low mortgage rate, but there aren’t many who actually end up closing loans at the lowest rate. The reason is that the lowest rate has an extensive list of “if’s” to go along with it.

We’re different. At 1st Rate, there are no “if’s”. We use your specific information to present you with an honest mortgage and home equity loan rates that match your credit standing with your needs. We won’t make false promises about your interest rate. With 1st Rate, you are guaranteed personal service that’s second-to-none. It’s a value-added relationship, based on integrity, respect and commitment.

In other words, you get more than a quote, you get a partner. So call us at 1-888-690-0800 and see how our rates—and our services—stack up.

I have less-than-perfect credit, but it’s getting better. What are the odds of my application going through?

There are three categories of information we look at when reviewing a loan application —the applicant’s personal information, the subject property information and the mortgage program information. We will try to work with you to get the best solution for you at the best rate we can.

  • Personal Information: We will look at your income, assets, debt and credit history to help determine your ability to repay the loan.
  • Property Information: An appraiser will compare your home to other similar homes in your area to determine if the equity exists to lend the amount requested.
  • Mortgage Information: We offer a wide variety of solutions to help you with your financing.